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2013 season

Welcome to my 2013 blog


BLOG Posted on Mon, September 23, 2013 10:55:22

Hello everyone!

As most of you know, I have not been blogging through my website; I’ve been using my Facebook page instead. So I just wanted to let everyone know that you can follow me during my season through my Facebook page

—You can find a link to the page on the ‘home page’ of my website as well: the blue F is the link to my Facebook account and the blue bird represents my Twitter account 🙂

There were some people who were wondering whether or not you need a Facebook account in order to access the page… You don’t! It’s open for anyone with internet. I’ve decided to blog through the FB page because it is much easier to post updates and pictures.

Hope you guys will enjoy it… Talk to you soon!

First Round

Dinard Ladies Open, France Posted on Sat, April 06, 2013 21:38:01

The first round of the Dinard Ladies Open was played today. I shot 72 (+3), which places me T20th. This morning it was pretty cold and windy so I’m happy with the score I posted. After my round the wind died down so the scores in the afternoon were a bit lower.

Today I hit 9/13 fairways, which I’m particularly happy about. Didn’t quite hit enough greens to go low today, but 8/11 up and downs and 27 putts kept me in there.
The final round is tomorrow and I’m playing at 13:20.
Live scoring again through this link:

I’m driving down after my round tomorrow so don’t be waiting for a post on my blog. Now I’m going to enjoy a sea food platter with my family in the lovely city of Dinard 😉

First Round

Dinard Ladies Open, France Posted on Fri, April 05, 2013 17:32:04

The first round of the Dinard Ladies Open has been cancelled due to heavy winds, extreme cold and rain/snow. The tournament will be played over 36 holes this weekend. I’m off hole 8 tomorrow at 9:50. The weather should be better.

Tee Time

Dinard Ladies Open, France Posted on Thu, April 04, 2013 21:32:07

The wifi still works so here I am again…
Today it was very cold and windy, but no snow… Yet :). Now we got told that it might snow tomorrow morning. The maximum temperature tomorrow will be 3degrees C. I’m off hole 8 at 9:50.

Live scoring through this link:

Practice Round

Dinard Ladies Open, France Posted on Wed, April 03, 2013 22:17:05

Arrived in Dinard Monday night with my brother who will be on the bag this week. It was only a five hour drive here so it was nice to get here a day sooner than usual.

Yesterday and today i played 18 holes. The course is in pretty good shape with firm, fast greens. So far it’s been cold and windy. We got told today that it might snow tomorrow… Sooo 🙂 it will be interesting to see what the weather will be like during the tournament. Let’s hope for some sunshine because my biggest fans are coming down for the weekend –> my parents.

If the wifi still works tomorrow I’ll give you guys another update about my tee time on Friday. If not, live scoring and all the other info can be found on


Terre Blanche (France) Posted on Sat, March 23, 2013 20:02:51

Disappointing start to the season. The first round I only hit one lonely fairway and the second round four fairways. The course was pretty tight and I just couldn’t get myself to commit and hit the ball where I wanted to. I know my swing has improved a lot and I’m hitting good drives on the range. My scores were very bad, but I’m done thinking about it and I’ve moved onto the next tournament. The weather will be dry but cold in Belgium soI’m going to try to play 18 holes most days that I’m home.

Up next: Dinard Ladies Open 21/03 – 23/03

Practice Round

Terre Blanche (France) Posted on Wed, March 20, 2013 20:49:12

I arrived in Nice (France) Monday afternoon with Lien Willems, whom
I’m rooming with this week. We played a practice round on Tuesday. The course
is in great shape, like last year. The fairways are very nice and the greens
are fast and are rolling smoothly. The course is very hilly and quite a
challenge to walk. Fortunately a friendly Belgian couple will provide us with
electrical trolleys tomorrow since there are no trolley pullers available at this

Today we were supposed to play another practice round, but the heavy
rainfall changed our plans. From 3:00 o’clock this morning until 13:00 it
rained pretty much non-stop. The greens were flooded. Luckily the eager
amateurs were able to play the pro-am, but after that the club closed the
course so they could prepare it for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the Terre Blanche Ladies Open and
the first competition round of the year for me. I’m very excited to go out
there and play again! The goal for tomorrow is to stay relaxed and enjoy the

Off hole 10 at 12:55 tomorrow…

Live scoring through this link:

Welcome Back

Welcome Back! Posted on Tue, March 19, 2013 21:42:58

Hello everyone and welcome back…

A new season = a new website thanks to my WebMaster. Hope you guys like it 🙂 !

Last season I started off very well and struggled during the
second half of the season. Overall it was a good learning experience as a
rookie and I ended up 20th in the Order of Merit (when extracting
the LET players) so in the end it wasn’t bad. Thanks to my finish in the
ranking last year, I will be able to play every LET Access event this season.

My mentor, David Petrie passed away this winter. After a
tough battle against bone marrow cancer he had to throw in the towel on the 26th
of December. He has been deeply missed ever since. I took a short break after
such a painful loss, but picked up the clubs again and I will continue to work
hard so I can make him proud one day.

This winter I worked hard with my physio, Tine. The mobility
in my back and hip was a concern at the end of last season when I struggled off
the tee. It’s been good to see the progress Tine and I have made over the last
few months.

Technically I’ve made some good progress as well this winter
with my new coach, George Mackechnie. I’ve known George since I started playing
golf at G&CC De Palingbeek and I actually used to have training camps with
him and David when I was about 9 years old.

I’m also very happy to announce Deloitte, World of Travel, Cross,
Callaway, Isomo and River Woods are by my side again this season. Also, a couple
of new partners have announced themselves… Volvo Belgium and Novabil NV provided me with a
beautiful Volvo V40 at the end of last season and Adidas Eyewear provided me
with three lovely new pairs of new sunglasses for this season. Pictures of my
new car and sunglasses can be found on my Facebook page à link on the Home page.

Last but not least I would like to thank the people around
me for the support and encouragement this winter.

More pictures are coming soon; so don’t forget to check in every once in a
while 🙂